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ITS VERY RARE THAT AN OLD WOODEN FLOOR DOESN'T NEED ANY REPAIRS OF SOME SORT TO BE CARRIED OUT IN ORDER TO SAND AND LAQUER TO MAKE IT LIKE NEW AGAIN.  Any small holes, dents or scrapes will be filled with the floor dust mixed with either resin or water-based glues and put back into the floor to get a uniform colour match when finished.  We also provide a service to repair any broken areas of the floor and boards etc., to lower an area of your floor to accommodate a mat, to remove an old concrete fireplace hearth and replace with a wood border or simply replace with boards to integrate with your floor like it wasn't even there.  You can find some pictures of this on the gallery page here

So whatever the condition or whatever you want done, however challenging, it can be done.


We specialise in all aspects of the sanding of  wooden floors, softwood, hardwood and all parquet patterns.  We prepare the floor for sanding by removing nails screws etc. and screw any loose boards prior to sanding.

Working through the abrasive grades from 16 right through to 180 grit to leave the floor as smooth as possible.  The floor is also again sanded very finely in-between the application of the chosen finish, as the grain raises in the wood on contact with the wet laquer so in total the floor on average can be sanded up-to 7 times starting with a coarse grit right through to very fine grit and then polished again before the final coat is applied.

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We can also stain any area or the whole floor to any colour you wanted.  We use all types of stains but the best is 'Mylands' spirit-based stains as they provide a lovely uniform colour and being spirit based they dry quickly and tend to look best.

We will get an idea of colour from you first then do some stain mixes and provide some samples for you to pick which colour you want to go with.  This is a one-off bespoke service we provide and have the knowledge and skill to apply the stain properly to get the best result.  There are some pictures of some staining in our gallery page here.

Laquering has the biggest selection of options and everyone has their own opinion on what finish they want on their newly renovated floor.  Wax or laquer are the 2 main options and then oil and water based products to choose from.  

Wax will wear naturally and needs to be reapplied regularly otherwise it will wear  and dirt will penetrate the wood.   If the floor is well maintained, it may only need a clean and a slight sand and another coat of wax all over or just in the heavy traffic areas and you're good for another 6 months. If the floor is not well maintained, it may eventually need completely re-sanding and retreated.  Choosing a wax finish on your floor is not suitable if you don't want the continuous maintenance.

Laquer is water based and comes in varying strengths of hardness ranging from home to very heavy commercial traffic.  Once applied, it needs very minimal maintenance for many years and is by far the most popular choice of finish due to those factors.  It comes in every finish from extra matt to high gloss.


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