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We are a floor sanding and restoration company in the South East of England and work throughout the Kent area (Canterbury, Thanet, Ashford, Dover and surrounding areas).

We specialise in all aspects of floor restoration, sanding and finishing.  We use our own latest dust-free sanders and have extensive experience with original pine, softwood, oak and parquet floors.  We also attend regular training courses with Bona, a world-leading innovator of every aspect of wooden floors from sanding equipment to maintenance products.  This allows us to stay up-to-date with the latest technology and floor products.  Floor sanding/restoration is a highly skilled job and can be ruined very easily without the knowledge in the floor, the machinery and the finishes.  

Our aim is very simple; to provide the best service to the customer and do the best job that can be done to the floor without compromise.  Because of this, we do not use sub-contractors to carry out our work.  We are a family run and owned business and will continue that way.  I personally like to do and oversee every job we undertake so I know from start to finish it has been done properly and no corners were cut.  I cannot guarantee someone else would apply the same ethos as me towards the quality and finish of the job so it's best for my reputation to do and oversee the job personally.  Also, this is good for you the customer - you will be dealing with one person who quotes and does the work and someone who is always contactable, even months down the line.


All the work is fully guaranteed and because I have close links with the top manufacturers of the products I use, I know the reps to these companies and can have them onsite to discuss any issues that arise from using any of their products.  Aftercare is very important to my business and reputation.  I will advise you on maintenance and cleaning of your new floor and can get the products for you to carry out the cleaning of your floor.  You will always have my contact details for any queries or questions in the future, even if it's a year or 4 years later!

I believe personal service still goes a long way when deciding who you want to work for you and this is something all too many companies forget about after they get their money.  Too many companies pull you in by advertising a cheap sanding per metre price and when in fact they come out to look, it nearly always increases in price.  A price calculator is another; you put in your room dimensions and a price to do the whole job comes up in the box based on an average meterage price and when it comes to the site visit it nearly always ends up more money.  It's impossible to quote a floor without seeing it,  Every floor is different with varying levels of work that need to be done and preparation time and cost of laquers etc.


I have a different approach; I simply ask you the client to contact me and we can arrange a time for me to visit.  You can explain to me what you want me to do and what finish you hope to achieve.​  We measure your floor and discuss all options available; finish, staining, sheen, any renovation works etc. and then I will tell you how much the work will cost based on what you want - it's that simple!

This service is completely free and this gives you the opportunity to ask as many questions as possible.  There is no hard sell or pressure and as each floor is different, I believe offering a bespoke service where we can discuss your needs is a personal service bigger companies don't provide.  If you wanted to go ahead with the work then you know it is me who is doing all the work that we agreed on and not an employee or a sub-contractor I have paid to do it for me!


My contact details are listed here, so if you are interested in someone who cares about their reputation and workmanship and you wanted to book a free consultation, don't hesitate to email or call me.  I look forward to meeting with you and discussing the renovation of your wooden floor in more detail.



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